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Additional Content

  • Making Legacy Apps Available to Your Mobile Workforce
    How is your IT organization responding to the mobility revolution? When it comes to your legacy IBM mainframe and midrange applications, you can give your mobile workforce the same functionality they have on their desktops, without requiring invasive changes to those applications. Watch how Attachmate Verastream can enable mobile access, in three different ways.
  • Mobile-Enabling Your Workforce with Apps You Already Have
    Learn how Verastream can unlock your legacy IBM mainframe and midrange assets and make them seamlessly accessible to your mobile audience. An advanced technology tool and mobile-enablement platform, Verastream can quickly package your applications and data into any format, for any device.
  • Teaching Legacy Application Elephants How to Dance
    Find out how you can create services to continuously reuse enterprise mainframe applications, however and whenever needed, while leaving legacy logic untouched. Watch this four-minute video podcast on service enablement.
  • Workforce Mobilization for Improved Productivity
    A mobility research director from Aberdeen discusses reasons for extending legacy applications to mobile devices, and an integration strategist from Attachmate shows how easy it can be.
  • Modernizing Legacy Mainframe Applications for Fun and Profit
    Discover the fastest, simplest way to webify mainframe applications and streamline workflow for internal and external users. Watch this three-minute video podcast on web enablement.
  • Service-Enabling CICS Applications: Best Practices
    View this webcast to get a thorough look into CICS service-enablement options. You’ll learn about a flexible abstraction methodology and a native CICS adapter that provides developers high-performance integration with any mid-tier .NET or J2EE application.
  • Turning Financial Mainframe Apps into SOA Building Blocks
    In the financial services industry, where the mainframe is still king, you’ll want to know both the benefits and challenges of implementing SOA in organizations such as banks or insurance companies. Get in-depth answers – and a path forward – in this paper.
  • Safe and Economical Reuse of Legacy Applications
    See if web enablement is a good fit for your IT organization. You’ll learn how to quickly provide a new web interface and, as needed, simple controls over application workflow. The paper presents the user perspective, the IT perspective, and methods for accomplishing application rejuvenation.
  • Cloud Enabling Your Mainframe Data: The Verastream Edge
    Find out how you can improve competitive advantage by exposing mainframe-application data to the cloud. This two-page solution brief provides an overview of problems and solutions.
  • Service Enablement & Beyond: How Verastream Gets You There
    Learn the four practical steps to rapid service enablement. This two-page solution brief focuses on the mainframe challenge and the importance of using standards-based technologies in any integration project.